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May 1, 2013 2:30am PDT
he can learn a lot from me. >>> coming up, president obama takes the white house podium to weigh in on syria to gun perform. but will it help gain momentum for the white house agenda. around here, we'll huddle around the watercooler, to add to the long list of weatherman bloopers. we'll show you the clip next. i did? when visa signature asked everybody what upgraded experiences really mattered... you suggested luxury car service instead of "strength training with patrick willis." come on todd! flap them chicken wings. [ grunts ] well, i travel a lot and umm... [ male announcer ] at visa signature, every upgraded experience comes from listening to our cardholders. visa signature. your idea of what a card should be. visa signature. i've always had to keep my eye on her... but, i didn't always watch out for myself. with so much noise about health care... i tuned it all out. with unitedhealthcare, i get information that matters... my individual health profile. not random statistics. they even reward me for addressing my health risks. so i'm doing fine... but she's still going to give
Apr 30, 2013 2:30am PDT
. a white house official says president obama has reached out to express his support. joining us on the phone, the founder of edge of sports, dave zion. founder of "game over." before we get your general input, i want to read this tweet from you. a lot of people are calling this a jackie robinson moment for gay athletes. you had a little bit of a different take tweeting, huge difference between jackie robinson and jason collins robinson comes in advance of civil rights. collins, more of a reflection of struggle. i guess, my point is, are we as a collective making too big of a deal of him as a symbol? >> let me be very clear. absolutely not. i was just responding to a question like compare and contrast. jackie robinson appearing in 1947 in major league baseball eight years before the montgomery busboy cotts and the start of the civil rights movement. this is different. jason collins appearing in 2014, appearing loud and proud as an active gay athlete. 2013. sorry. it is a little early. coming out in 2013 really on a wave of what's been some mammouth changes over the last several y
Apr 29, 2013 2:30am PDT
the obama administration to take stronger a against the assad regime following last week's findings by the white house that the syrian government has used chemical weapons against the country's rebel fighters. crossing that so-called red line has sparked a debate in washington about whether or not it's time for the u.s. military to get involved, including the potential of american troops on the ground. >> i don't think you ever want to say, absolutely not. obviously, we don't want to do that unless it's absolutely necessary. >> i would go even beyond that. i would say, no. we don't need to put boots on the ground. but we need to enable their neighbors, the neighbors of syria, to bring some sort of peaceful resolution to this. >> senator john mccain agreed with senator chambliss, advocating for a no-fly zone over syria, to minimize the government's air power. and mccain also warned about the possible ramifications if the united states remains on the sidelines. >> the syrian people are angry and bitter at the united states. i was in a refugee camp in jordan and there are thousands of
May 2, 2013 2:30am PDT
. >> and you find democrats going into the white house to complain about it. >> it's not called state care. it's obama care. that's whey we saw the president, saying they were trying to simplify the forms and cut the size. there's going to be bumps on the road ahead. the implementation is something that's going to be a worry. >> let's turn to the republicans. what's their worries now? what's on their agenda? >> they don't want immigration to come apart. and it looked like it was in a good place. >> you're saying for democrats, what if immigration falls apart for democrats? is it good for bad for them? or neutral? >> it would hurt republicans. republicans need that to deal with their demographic realities. that's why republicans say, we'll still probably come together. but there's some worries this addition of a gay rights provision. marco rubio said that could undermind it. on sunday and monday, the heritage foundation is going to talk about the costs. they're going to push back on methodology. but republicans say they're going to try to fix this by making the metrics tougher, border security
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)